Update on appointments

Dear Patients of The Children’s Clinic and The Brunswick Medical Center,

Please understand that during this difficult period we are adjusting our clinic operation to provide for our patients and staff the safest environment possible.

We may be required to cancel some NON-URGENT appointments and procedures.

As a result:

It is possible that you may be called in the next few days to cancel your appointment.

If you have not been contacted to cancel your appointment, it will be maintained.

If you consider your appointment to be NON-URGENT and can be cancelled, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE CLINIC.

As we want to keep our phone lines open for urgent matters, there is no need to call to inform. Cancellation fees will be waived and our staff will contact you to rebook.

As social distancing requires that we maintain decorum in our waiting areas we ask that you arrive only at your designated appointment time. 

We anticipate that your health care provider may be able to deal with some of your concerns and issues by phone. Please bear with us as we take the necessary time to put the phone messaging system in place.

With the exception of the Walk-In at Brunswick Medical Center located at 955 St Jean, all clinic visits must be by appointment. Upon booking, confirmation and entry to our facilities, all patient will be screened according to the criteria set out by the MSSS and our medical directorate.

At this time, we ask that only the patient and if necessary one family member accompany the patient to the clinic appointment. In addition no food or drink will be permitted in the clinic areas.

Please be reminded of the current Quebec Ministry of Health guideline on who may access our Services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Groupe Santé Brunswick


Please‎ be‎ aware‎ that‎ if‎ you‎ have‎ travelled‎ and‎ you‎ are‎ sick,‎ call‎ 1-877-644-4545. ‎

If‎ you‎ require‎ an‎ ambulance, inform‎ the‎ operator‎ of‎ your‎ travel‎ history‎ and‎ they‎ will‎ direct‎ you‎ to‎ the‎ appropriate‎ treatment‎ center.‎

Please‎ be‎ aware‎ that‎ Brunswick‎ Medical‎ Centre‎ is‎ NOT‎ a‎ screening‎ nor a treatment‎ center‎ for‎ the‎ coronavirus.

PLEASE REFER TO‎ for more updated information on the Coronavirus.

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